Meet the Cast of The Valley!

The Show is about five actor/friends struggling to survive in Hollywood. 

Lewis Zatarga

Brian Kruse

Lewis is the dorky nerd of the group. He’s an Eagle Scout and very proud of it. He’s very awkward and dresses like a live action cartoon. He is the brains of the group. He is the responsible one. Lewis is the one that follows all the rules in life. He has wanted to be an actor his whole life, but he has never taken a class, been in a play or shot a short film. He’s never even acted before. Nothing. But Lewis has a lot of heart and personality, be believes in himself. He is also in love with Megan. 

Megan Skittles

Aubrey Mozino

Megan is the blonde valley girl of the show. She has the mental capacity of a 3-year-old. She is like an innocent child. She even dresses like a little kid from time to time; she owns a care bear onesie. Megan is an actress, but not a trained one. She has random loud outbursts. She’s beautiful and unpredictable. Megan gets herself into trouble all the time and Renea has to save her. Men of all different ages/occupations want her. Megan is too naive to realize this. She is sexy, but innocent, which is why she always gets into dodgy situations. 

Darren Curry

Tim Banks

Darren is the writer in the group. He also loves to drink. His character believes that all great writers need alcohol for inspiration, so in order to be successful, Darren drinks. Darren moved with his twin sister, Renea, to Hollywood. He never really wanted to be an actor, but for some reason, he booked a national commercial while shopping for slim jims and has been living off of that. His sister is constantly playing pranks on him and Darren loves to get her back.

Renea Curry

Jasmine Hester

The straight character. She is the glue that holds the group together. Renea is the only professionally trained thespian. Stella Adler. She is also Darren’s twin sister. Renea moved to Hollywood, to pursue her dreams, but she never books. She plays pranks on Darren, but he usually gets the upper hand. Renea and Chode have a very “Urkle and Laura” relationship. She consistently battles off his advances, but there’s something there. Chode loves her. Renea is the heart of the show and a true symbol for the“struggling” actor in Los Angeles.


Carter "The Nillihc Master" James 

He’s the Rockstar of the group. He is an agent of chaos. When Chode appears everyone’s lives are turned upside down. Energetic, charismatic, flashy, and loud. Chode is in love with Renea and will do anything to win her affection. Chode is the overly obnoxious friend that everyone has, and can’t get rid of. He plays ukulele, sings, raps and writes his own lyrics. He’s a one-man band. He’s like an 80s professional wrestler. But Chode has heart, and loyalty. He would do anything for his friends.